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With Prezzierge

Never forget gifts,
be late, or scramble
at the last minute again

Be able to pre-set gifts for your most important occasions up to a year in advance and save dates and addresses for them all in one place. Subscribe to the waitlist and be the first to know when it launches.


Manage all your special Occasions

You'll be able to upload them directly from your iPhone calendar or create them manually.

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Have visibility over what's coming

Access a dashboard with all your occasions ordered by date and with the ability to filter the by type.

Pre-set your gifts and relax

Leave your gift giving process to professionals who’ll take care of everything.

Tell us a bit about the recipient
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We’ll send over a list of suggestions to choose from
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Icon 3_3x.png
We’ll send it to you or the recipient at the proper time
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Set it and forget it

Prezzierge is coming very soon.

Drop your email for early access to the app.

Surprising Mom
People celebrating
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